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The Web Harness


The Web Harness is discontinued Whoa Dog Whoa is now Doggazo
This front leading harness was designed by Phoebe, The Sideways Walker. The WEB harness is lightweight and cool for hot summer days. Sadie, Phoebe's daughter, asked her for a stylish harness while Daisy's owner, needed a harness that Daisy, could not back out of. The matching collar is faux double wrap when worn with the matching harness. Phoebe was inspired by the double wrap Hermes watch. Phoebe says she doesn't need the watch. Roll over photos for an additional view.


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GrnFlowersWeb LeopDog2 ZebraDog GreenFlowerCollar LeopCollar ZebraCollar BitchCollar DotCollar PansyCollar

Pansy Collar
Dot Collar
Bitch Collar
Zebra Collar; Black Collar
Leopard Collar w/ clear crystal
Green Flower Collar
Zebra Harness
Leopard Harness
Green Flowers Harness
Denim & Black Harness
Bitch Harness