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Our Pack - We Basenjis are not alone; there are many sideways walkers and pullers about town. Meet our fabulous pack of testers and happy customers! Our original testers gave us great feedback that made our harnesses better for all types of urban walkers. The pack is increasing in size with happy Whoa Dog Whoa harness customers.

A special thanks goes out to all of our pack.
Roll over the photos to meet the pack.


What our happy customers are saying :

I took Ohno with his pack walking yesterday and wow did the harness do well and was glad he didn't seem to have any red marks from rubbing. I kick myself...should have got one more for Tarzan...those two are my pullers... - Katherine Katayama : The Pet Nanny (Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services)



PandJ Pacho CashSm Rufus RockiSm tuesdaySm PeanutSm SadieSm RockiSm
SodaNJackson Patu CassidySm Pj millie SodaLaughing GinaSm JacksonTuxSm LuluSm
OhNoSm TarzanSm Hannah    

Cassidy, the world class puller.
Tuesday, the lucky girl.
Jackson, the metro dog.
Gina, the playful one.
Millie, the danty girl.
PJ, the intelligent one.
Patu, the control freak.
Jackson and Soda, the working dogs.
Soda, the selective puller.
Peanut, the shy pup.
Sadie, the star sideways walker.
Rocki, Mr. Super Sensitive.
Ruffus, the quizzical dog.
Lulu, the charmer.
Cash, the game player.
Pacho, the jumper.
Logan, all 70lbs of him.