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Favorite links

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Here is Lulu at her new favorite City park. It is all fenced in and very safe for weekend pups like Lulu and Pacho.


What San Francisco dog doesn't love Ft. Funston!!
Great site to check on the fog and tides before you leave the house.




Millie and PJ cool off at Ocean Beach their favorite beach hangout. For those new to Ocean Beach check this link before going.




Traveling with your pooch. Find a dog park



Visiting the San Francisco/ Bay Area with your pooch here are some of the favorite dog parks: , the map:

We also like this map of dog parks in San Francisco, scroll down to see what type of dog park it is:


Trying to decide on what type of dog is the perfect fit: Animal Planet Pooche Guide




Here is a helpful general list of common healh issues: Animal Planet Health Problems at a Glance